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Adolescent, Teen & Adult
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Evaluations 
  We deliver SASSI (A2 & 3) testing for accurate and detailed assessment of the probability of abuse and/or dependency for all ages. Proper assessment of  reasons and patterns of abuse are necessary for planning the course of successful treatment in any age bracket, but it is essential for the future of adolescents and teens.

Family Educational Group 
Six-1.5 hour sessions - By Registration Only
(Day and Time To Be Determined)
  This program is designed to educate family members of those who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse and dependency. The program’s goal is to assist the family transition to normalized activity and home life in early recovery. The persons served consist of spouses/significant others, parents, siblings, and other family members who are directly involved in the life of the early recovering alcoholic/addict. 

Domestic Violence and
       Anger Management
(Twenty six week series)  
  Through facilitated discussion focused on the client’s perception of Power & Control, Non Violence, and Equality, they gain insight into the thoughts and actions used to impart harm on others. These sessions challenge the client to address their own ideals and explain how their actions conflict with their true morals and the ideals of society as a whole. 

Drivers License Evaluations
  Secretary of State Evaluations complete with SASSI-3 testing. Computer generated reports create a legible and complete assessment for your presentation to the evaluator. 

Individual Sessions
  Personalized "Client Centered" one-on-one sessions designed to assist the individual in seeking out their true understanding of the issues at hand and develop practial processes for resolving them. 

Relapse Prevention Group 
Having difficulty remaining alcohol and drug free? 
  These sessions are designed for clients to focus on the aspects of "self" that trip them up and send them back to drinking and using drugs. In this focused group weekly topics are presented that stimulate discussion concerning a recovering lifestyle and reality. 

Discovery Didactic (Eight week series) 
New to treatment for abuse or addiction? 
  This session is designed to inform clients of the impact alcohol and drug abuse/dependence has on the person, family and society as a whole. It focuses on defining the difference between addiction and abuse, the definition of addiction as a disease process, understanding dynamics and motivation for change, and assessing where the individual stands within these descriptions. 

Couples & Family Therapy
  Partners & Family members need assistance sometimes to reacquaint themselves and rediscover their "true" relationships.